Five main places exchange students should know.

In this post, I will be writing about the five main places exchange students should know to make their daily lives more continent and fruitful!

1.OCEAN PARK– where you should go on your birthday

(Image from Ocean Park Website)

Ocean Park? — Some people will be like ‘huh?’ as why would we want to spend our time in an amusement park, which is made for little children to play around. Well, it seems that Ocean Park offers 15% exclusive birthday discount when you go there on your birthday. If you are a resident with a valid Hong Kong identity card, passport or a birth certificate, you are all set to get the 12% discount! I mean it’s 13th most visited theme park after all, why not go in a day when you can get your fullest discount?

2. 7/11–where you should go when you are cold

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Finding ourselves shivering in the cold in Hong Kong is not the exact image we had when we pictured ourselves studying in Hong Kong. It turns out, Hong Kong can be one of the coldest place we can be when it comes to indoors tournament. We find ourselves shivering in classrooms and we realize–the AC is on! What can be the best way to solve this tragedy rather than asking the professor to turn the AC off and go back to shivering yourself in the cold atmosphere? My advice is to buy these little hot packs in 7/11! You can attach them on top of your back, legs, stomach–anywhere you feel like it. It will protect you from the cold, not only in the classrooms but whenever you are walking in the streets. It will be like your own-walking-heater that will be with you 24 hours. This little charm comes in a nice price–which is twelve Hong Kong dollars for three.

3. IFC mall rooftop–where you should go when you have date but you’re broke

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Fancy bars are definitely one of the main charms in Hong Kong’s night-out. It is also our must-to-go place at the end of our route when we are on a date. However, even though they say the bar is the best place to find their lover, the downside should be the high price they would have to pay. So what can we do when we are broke but have a date to save? IFC mall rooftop can be our quick fix to our financial problems. It is indeed not as fancy as the bars in Wan Chai or LKF, but it is free place where we can see the night views while drinking our cheap alcohol that we can get from nearby seven eleven. When it is your first time going up to the IFC rooftop, do not hesitate to go up because all the stores are closing. The rooftop is 24 hours open for you and your lover.

4.Heart to Heart Dim Sum –where you should go when you are hungry in the middle of the night, but you don’t want McDonalds

(Image from

We all have those night cravings in the middle of the night. I guess many people end up going to McDonalds as we internationally agree it is our favorite place to solve our night cravings. However, as we are in Asia, why not try another place than going to the same-old-Ronald’s Restaurant? Heart to Heart Dim Sum which is located in Kennedy town near to the MTR exit, is a dim sum place where you can taste various kinds of dim sum, and the best part–it never closes. Along with its availability, it has a cheap price which makes the place a more legitimate place for your night snack out (If you go with four people, you will pay around 70 Hong Kong dollars and will be easily full).

5. MacWin Technology– where you should go when you need to fix your mac/laptop

(Image from Google Maps)

We all know that mac has a shiny, simple and alluring design that it makes the customers want to have that one shiny-artificial-intelligence. However, they don’t know what price they are paying for the design as these beautiful artificial creature is so delicate that when you spill your water, it is dead. At this point, the mac users will admit that at least once, they might have experienced the hassle to save their precious fellow from water damage. First step they take is– going to an Apple shop. However, unfortunately the shop workers are already trained to sell more new mac products to you rather than fixing your mac. Well, don’t worry if that is the case as you can simply go to ‘MacWin Technology’ which is located in Tsim Sha Tsui. It is 3 minutes walk away from the Tsim Sha Tsui station and you can simply book your time via mail or a phone call. Not only limited to mac, but they also fix other laptops as well.

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