Get Close to the Nature: Picking Strawberries in Long Ping

Living in the urban jungle of Hong Kong may be hard for us to explore the nature. Yet, picking strawberries is a fresh alternative for you to get close to the nature in your leisure time. Here is a good choice : the Long Ping Strawberry Park!

There are a lot of varieties of Japanese strawberries planted in this park, including Benihoppe from Kumamoto prefecture, “Ruby” and Awayuki from Nara Prefecture but also Amaou from Fukuoka Prefecture… They have different colours and levels of sweetness. For instance, “Ruby” has a deep red colour and a solid flesh: it tastes sweet and sour. But, on the other side you can find Awayuki strawberries which are white and pink and taste sweeter than Benihoppe.

Those fruits are very easy to pick. The farmers will give you a bucket and a scissor. All you need to do is to select a red and mature strawberry and then to cut it down. However, you should be careful to avoid cutting the immature strawberries surrounding of your targeted strawberries.

A “Ruby” from Nara Prefecture.


Here is a reminder of picking Awayuki : only when its bottom is white, the fruit is mature.

Concerning prices, the admission is free. Awayuki strawberries cost $120/pound. As Awayuki is the only type of white strawberries there, it is a bit more expensive than others. For other types of red strawberries, they all cost $80/pound.

Apart from strawberries, you can also pick other kinds of organic fruits and vegetables, such as grapes, lettuces and tomatoes. It is surely an interesting experience for you to be a one-day farmer!


Many types of vegetables are also planted there

How to get there?

Take the MTR and get off at Long Ping station and go to Exit A. Next, go to take K66 bus and get off at Tai Tong Station Roundabout.

A direction board will guide you to the location of Long Ping Strawberry Park.


Enjoy your strawberries!

If you are a strawberry-lover, please visit the Long Ping Strawberry Park. It opens from 8am to 6pm. Since, it is the growing season of strawberries from December to April, you should definitely pick and taste those big, red and sweet strawberries there. Strawberry picking does not only allow us to relief our life pressure, it is also about doing a fun activity with family and friends!

All pictures were taken by Wincy Kwok

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