Hong Kong’s bottled water is contaminated by rubber particles

A survey on bottled water by the State University of New York found that 93% of the sampled bottels contained plastic particles. These particles contain organic organisms that would cause a decrease in sperm count and increase in cancer risk. The contaminated bottled water including Evian, Aqua and San Pellegrino are all sold in Hong Kong.

One of the contaminated bottled water (Photo credits: Evian)

The contamination mainly occurred in plastic bottles, bottle caps, and industrial packaging. In 90% of the samples, plastic impurities such as polypropylene, nylon, and polyethylene terephthalate were found, with an average of one liter of water containing 10.40.1 mm large plastic particles.

 While earlier research found that there were more plastic particles in tap water, experts warn that drinking bottled water containing plastic micro-particles will still increase the chance of developing cancer and at the same time lead to a decrease in sperm count, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity disorder and autism.

 “I would encourage my family to drink more boiled tap water,” says Mrs. Chan, a housewife with two children. Her family loves to have bottled water as it is convenient and they do not need to boil water. However, after reading the survey, Chan’s family decided to change their habit. They now boil their own water at home every night and when they need to go to school or work in the morning, they pour their own water into their use recycled water bottle.

 Mrs. Chan also states that they change their habit as they do not want to have any negative health impact, especially for the children. Water is essential for all humans and it is regarded as a healthy drink. If people consume ‘healthy drink’ unhealthily, it is pointless to our bodies. Therefore, it is time for you to start action – choose the right bottled water, or even reduce your consumption of bottled water!


Having your own water bottle is important. (Photo credits: Clementine Leung)

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