2018 EGGssentially Art! Egg Waffles Fanatics must go!

How did you celebrate your four-day Easter holiday? Having a chocolate Easter egg or having a special egg waffle this time?

EGGssenially Art! was held at Lee Garden, Causeway Bay from 30 March to 2 April.

It was a great event for you to spend few holiday hours with your family, lovers and friends and celebrate the 2nd year egg waffle festivals.

Egg waffles are also known as eggettle and ‘Gai Daan Jai’ in Cantonese. The meaning of ‘Gai Daan Jai’ is the little chicken egg. Egg waffles were one of the most represented Hong Kong Street food with a long history.

The egg waffles were said to be born in the 1950s. Back then, the eggs were packaged poorly in grocery stores. Due to the poor protection and vulnerability of the eggs, the eggs were easily broken and no longer sellable. As it was too wasteful to throw them away, the store owner thought of a good idea and this contributed to the birth of egg waffles. He mixed the broken egg with flour, milk, butter and sugar, and baked the mixture with the irons cast which created the shape like honeycombs. That was what an egg waffle look like. Since each little piece of egg waffle just liked a little egg, it was called as ‘Gai Daan Jai’.

It is earl gray tea egg waffle with nuts. Photo : Yip Sin Tung, Stella

Although few decades have passed, egg waffles are still popular in Hong Kong and even in the whole world. Traditional egg waffles are well inherited and new various tastes are kept inventing to attract more and more fans.

EGGssenially Art! is a festival promoting local culture and uses egg waffles, the conventional street food, as the theme. There were more than 10 exhibitors selling different kinds of traditional and new creative egg waffles. Three of them were Michelin recommended Stores, they were FullHouse Egglet, More Eggettes and Mummy Pancake. You must able to choose your favorite taste out of more than one hundreds types of egg waffles. Apart from chocolate, green tea, coffee and strawberry these typical tastes, you can find some special types out of your expectation like the cocktail bun, red fermented beancurd and coriander, etc.

It is Royal caviar with salmon fragrant orange cream egg waffle.
photo: hkppltral.com

All the egg waffles had fixed prices with $ 30, $60 or $90. The most expensive one used caviar as the ingredient. You can try egg waffles which are made as a commoner’s street food and those dressed up to be a high-class snake in this event.

Participating in the EGGssentially Art!, you should not miss the amazing cultural performances. You could enjoy the music performances and sit with their companions on the sofa enjoying the egg waffles and having a relaxed holiday mood.

There is music performance in the middle of Lee Garden during the EGGssentially ART! Photo: Yip Sin Tung, Stella

Apart from tasting numerous delicious egg waffles to satisfy your stomach and watching music performance, you could take photos with the supersized egg waffle to leave good memories and update your social media. Surrounded by the egg waffle, you could imagine you are the ingredient of egg waffle. You could also hold the stick of egg waffles and take photos with the prince and princess. All egg waffle decorations were made by recycling materials.

After having great memories by photo taking, you could write down your wishes and hang them on the wishing tree made by recycled egg cardboard package to end your journey in the EGGssentially Art!

The wishing flowers were made by recycled egg cardboard package. Photo: Yip Sin Tung, Stella

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