5 Must-Eat at the Hong Kong Food Carnival 2017

The 6th Hong Kong Food Carnival, organised by the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong, was held from 28 October to 5 November 2017 at the Kwai Chung Sports Ground. The nine-day food carnival brought us a wide variety of both international and local food and drinks, under the theme of ‘Healthy Eating and Living’.

With an entrance fee of only $5 HKD, participants were allowed to enjoy some shopping and eating along with entertainment including different kinds of cooking workshops, as well as stage performances and games. With the wide variety of food-related activities and events the organizer(s) offered, the carnival was no doubt the perfect occasion for food-lovers to spend an afternoon at.

Yummy Food Zone at the Hong Kong Food Carnival

After exploring different kinds of street food and beverage products at the Yummy Food Zone, here are some highlights of must-eat foods at the carnival:

1. Rainbow Tamagoyaki

The Rainbow Tamagoyaki is a type of Japanese omelette, which is made by rolling several layers of cooked egg together with parmesan cheese, melon cheese and crab stick. With some parma ham and crab roe served on top, each bite consisted of a jungle of flavours in my mouth. The omelette was simply delicious, I mean, nothing can really go wrong with cheese, right?

Rainbow Tamagoyaki

2. Barbecued Anything

Spicy, heavily seasoned meat on a stick. This bbq stall brought the Mongolian style bbq down to our Hong Kong palates. Serving a variety of meats and seafood, each skewer was grilled on top of a pile of hot charcoal. I had the chicken kebab, which had the nice smokey flavor of western bbq but also had the numbing and cumin-y flavor from Chinese bbq. Overall, it is a must-go to enjoy this different style of bbq.

Chicken Kebabs

3. Grilled beef cubes

I couldn’t resist a plate of these sizzling and tender beef cubes; Unlike those grilled beef cubes stalls we usually see with a man/lady holding onto a torch burner at Taiwanese night market, the grilled beef cubes here at the carnival were cooked with a hot grill. The beef was juicy and easy to chew; and best of all it’s affordable for all. If you have a beef craving , this might be the one for you.

German Pork Knuckle and Grilled Beef cubes

4. Fried chicken

I am certain we are all familiar with the huge juicy Taiwanese chicken cutlet, but what about a huge Taiwanese chicken cutlet stuffed with cheese? It’s only one ingredient apart, but this fried cheesy chicken breast was infinitely more delicious. It was fried to perfection, coated very evenly with batter and golden brown. The meat was tender and juicy, unlike those typical dry chalky breast meat. The flavor of the chicken juices mixed together with the cheese, and makes every bite better than the previous one. If you come here, it is definitely a must-try.

Fried Chicken Cutlet with Cheese

5. Soda

You might want to get your cameras ready for this one: Colourful Soda. This place offered freshly squeezed fruits mixed with soda water in a bag, or if you would like, you can choose to have your soda in various shapes, from milk bottles to machine guns.  A tasty snack that also appeals to your Instagram followers. It’s a life-saver after consuming all the salty snacks in the hot Hong Kong weather.

Colourful Soda in various shapes of bottles

The food carnival is definitely worth-going. If you have missed the food carnival this year, take the chance to pay a visit next year and treat yourself a food marathon!


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