“Ding Ding” – Hong Kong Trams at Night

Tram passing through the vibrant district of Wan Chai

When you set foot on the land of Hong Kong Island, it will not be surprising for you to hear a peculiar sound of “ding-ding” along the way. That is the sound of trams in Hong Kong and also the nickname locals will call it.

No matter how long you are staying in the city, you should not miss the chance to go on a ride on this tram, an iconic transport which has been operating for more than a century. With a minimal fee of $2.3, you can travel through the whole Hong Kong island, from Kennedy Town to Shau Kei Wan or vice versa. You can hop on and off along their route at anytime.

Destination of the route shown on the side
Pay the tram fare with coins or octopus card

Here are some of the photos taken on or off a tram ride:

A view of Admiralty from the tram
Sheung Wan at night
Western Market (one of the destinations of the multiple routes)
Pedestrians casually crossing wide roads
Pedestrians casually crossing wide roads

Last but not least, before you experience it yourself, here is a glimpse of how a tram ride would be.

Photos and Video taken and edited by Myra Lee.
Multi-media: Myra Lee
Editor: Sally
Copy-Editor: Chloe
Online: Ningsang

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