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You can now see, touch and test an array of cutting-edge, crowdfunded gadgets and products in BACKERS, a store that helps crowdfunding projects physically reaching to the mass consumer market. It offers products from different crowdfunding platforms for example Kickstarter, Indiegogo, FlyingV, ZecZec, etc.

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BACKERS, the Experiential Retail Store in Kiosk 40, 1/F, K11 Mall, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon


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Located in an open area and behind the glass wall, the design of the store was inspired by APPLE. BACKERS hopes to create a relaxed environment for their customers.

Located in an open area and behind the glass wall, the design of the store was inspired by APPLE. BACKERS hopes to create a relaxed environment for their customers.

You may wonder: Why do we need such a store when all the information is accessible through the web?

One reason is that the store provides after-sale service, which they make sure products meet or surpass the expectations of their customers. And if any product found broken or in a damaged condition, it could be fixed or exchanged immediately. This is essential as customers always feel like they can do nothing when they encounter such problems after purchasing through the crowdfunding platforms.

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All the products are displayed with detailed explanations.

“Went through the Arist coffee machine and Znaps magnetic adapter frauds, Hong Kong people are less confident in the crowdfunding projects. They want to see the prototypes before they back-up the campaigns,” said Jonathan Chan, the Growth Hacker of BACKERS.

The store is designed to make the crowdfunding items accessible to those who desire the products but don’t want to buy without seeing the real thing. BACKERS connects the entrepreneurs to a local audience of passionate backers.

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Feel free to ask any question, the store keepers are helpful and friendly.

“By setting up the physical experience store, we hope to rebuild Hong Kong consumer’s confidence in crowdfunding campaigns,” Chan said.

Apart from the above reason, creative industries are important economic drivers for Hong Kong and life innovations is one of them. They can help to increase the innovation capacity of the economy and can be a powerhouse for future economic growth as well. Crowdfunding can be one of the driving force behind creative industries.

“We embraces the concept of crowdfunding because it helps make creative ideas come to life,” Chan said.  Life innovations improve our quality of life in many ways. Chan highlighted that the innovation  “Fly LegsUp” is one of the best sellers recently.

image 5 fly legsup.png
Fly LegsUp – Feel comfortable when flying economy HKD 529 BACKERS


The Fly LegsUp Flight Hammock is a tool that makes your economy flights more comfortable, which you can elevate your feet and legs into many different positions with the support of the inflatable pillows.

They also offer a kids version, which most of the parts are same as the adult’s except the additional large pillow. It makes flying with children easier and less stressful.

image 6.png
The Fly LegsUp adult pack includes the patented Fly LegsUp Flight Hammock, one small pillow, one large pillow and a travel bag.  Fly Legs Up

Innovations bring a lot of convenience to our lives and are beneficial in different ways. On the other hand, crowdfunding provides the struggling entrepreneurs with capital and supports the people in creative industries.

“We hope people in Hong Kong would create an interest in life innovations,” Chan said.

Indeed, there is a fact you might not know.

“One-third of the creative innovations on the crowdfunding platforms are created by Hong Kong entrepreneurs,” Chan said, after conducting a market research “Most of them hide themselves or claim themselves as the United States’ developers just because their campaigns would appear more frequently on the Google search if they do so.”

Take the CJR watches as an example, it is designed by a local designer, Calvin Ng. He aims to push new frontiers in watch structure, design and style to offer statement timepieces with quality materials and extreme craftsmanship. Designing watches is not simply a passion to him but also a cherished piece of family history because he grew up in a family of watchmakers. With the help of the kickstarter platform, it raised more than five times its original funding goal.

GIF cjr watches.gif

What is special about the CJR AIRSPEED Watch is the regulator dial, curved hesalite, automatic movement and ‘glow in the dark’ features. For those who aren’t familiar with the terms, the regulator is a watch, where the second hand, minute hand and hour hand are divided into sub-dial. Hesalite is the crystal which made the watch’s curved casing so that the watch looks warmer. Automatic refers to the movement of the watch, beating to frequency of 21,600 BPH / 3Hz, the CJR AIRSPEED is more accurate than most mechanical watches. Last but not least, as the dial and the hands are coated in Super-Luminova, the watch remains luminous in the dark.


image 7 CJR watch airspeed.jpg
CJR – The FIRST Curved Regulator Watch for all : AIRSPEED Pilot (Crazy-horse leather) HKD 4,299
image 8 display.jpg
Feel free to check out the CJR watches at BACKERS.
image 9
You can take it off on Friday and it will still be ticking on Sunday as automatic movement is applied on the watch.

Building something from scratch is not easy. Platforms like BACKERS are redefining entrepreneurship, shifting it from being a privilege to a right. Anyone with creativity and passion should be empowered to seize their own success. Let’s support local design and start-ups by backing your first campaign from today.

For more information and the online store, visit BACKERS.


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