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Listing might be one of the fundamental drives of us. We always see the lists of people evaluated and ranked by whom we do not know. Lists like Fortune 500 or Forbes 30 Under 30, are what we always wonder and care about. We learn and notice the world around them. However, they are just one hundred; the world we live in runs by much more heroes.

Hence, there has been a special project for past four years to introduce our everyday-heroes, in Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong; it is The Other Hundred.

Global Institute of Tomorrow Office

The Other Hundred is a non-profit project aiming to provide a better understanding of the people who make up our world and the lives they lead. It has been initiated by Global Institute of Tomorrow, an independent Hong Kong-based think-tank.

The project unrolls with a global photographic competition. Once the subject is announced, any photographer is welcomed to introduce work that is relevant to the subject, made up of photos and a short story. The project team has received submissions from more than 100 different countries for all past three projects. The selected 100 stories from the submissions will finally be published as a photo book and be available to the public.

The Other Hundred photo books

The subject of the inauguration edition in 2013 was just the other hundred people who make up our world. However, the subject, then became more specific in the second edition. The second edition project in 2015 was about entrepreneurs. It was to introduce the other hundred entrepreneurs who have received neither professional business education nor loans from investment banks. The entrepreneurs of The Other Hundred were those around us who run their own business for their own reasons and goals. The latest, third edition was about educators. The hundred stories of educators with different students, knowledge and means were published to a single photo book, The Other Hundred Educators.

For the past 4 years, the team has been more passionate than just about anyone. Promoting the project, receiving submissions, selecting stories, shortlisting winners, and publishing photo-books…there is only one reason why such a company, which is supposed to make profits, takes all those workloads for a non-money making project. It is to broaden the perspective of people.

The Other Hundred Educators exhibition at Hysan Place in May | Source: The Other Hundred website

After publishing the three different editions of photo books, the team has organized exhibitions not only in Hong Kong but also in other places such as Dubai, France, Singapore, and UK. The team is now preparing another exhibition of The Other Hundred Educators at Hysan Place, Causeway Bay in May, this year. The photos and stories of educators will be exhibited to the public for a week from May 24.

“We are not here to make money. We want youths in Hong Kong to have broader view of this world. We aim to raise awareness among them.” said Yuxin Hou, the project manager.

The Other Hundred project is very special. This is art, about the photography, and also an education, teaching people. Moreover, this is eventually lifestyle. It is about us, and the world around us, our daily life. We hope more people to notice the other hundred around them through The Other Hundred.” he added.

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Writer: Yoan Jin Soul Lee

Editor: Sara Furxhi

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