Lamma Island Day Trip

Just southwest of Hong Kong Island lies a quiet fishing village thats lack of public transport and haze-less air will have visitors wondering how the picturesque place is only a 20 minute ferry ride from skyscrapers.

Lamma Island is third largest island of Hong Kong and houses a town, Yung Shue Wan, and a fishing village, Sok Kwu Wan.

To get there:

Getting to Lamma Island is simple. Take the ferry from Central to either Yung Shue Wan or Sok Kwu Wan. The fare is cheap and the ride is short.

The towns

Yung Shue Wan (Photography: Audrey Landau)

Yung Shue Wan hosts grocery stores, numerous vegetarian restaurants, souvenir shops and boutiques. You can also find The Goodsbye Yard Sale, a little stand selling designer vintage clothing at great prices.

Traversing between Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan is simple if you are up for a hike. Simply follow the signs directing you to Sok Kwu Wan and you’ll find yourself on a trail that takes you directly to the fishing village. The views from the hike are breathtaking, making it even more worthwhile.

View from Lamma Island hike. (Photography: Audrey Landau)

Once you’ve arrived in Sok Kwu Wan, you will immediately smell the fish. There’s an extensive strip of restaurants serving up the daily catch, and some restaurants even allow visitors to pick out the fish they want prepared. Everything is fresh and delicious.

Fresh seafood at Lamma Island. (Photography: Audrey Landau)

At the end of the day you can catch the ferry from Sok Kwu Wan back to Central. The pier is easy to locate and the ride is short.

Overall, Lamma Island is a great place to visit for a relaxed day trip. The views are spectacular and the food is fresh and delicious.

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