Playback Theatre Performance Recalled Transient Memories of Audience

Members of Living Stories performed in front of Kubrick to conclude the event.

“I remember when I stood up and yelled at the politician who was talking about his political propaganda; I remember when a cat tried to make herself so compact under the hotel roof that she wouldn’t get wet in the rain; I remember when the old man in the retirement home told me that I was just like his daughter,” Bonnie Ho, a member of Living Stories, summarized their performance on a warm Saturday night while her teammates were acting alongside to bring the audience’s back to their stories in the past.


On Oct. 7th, Living Stories held their monthly Playback Theater Performance in front of Kubrick, a bookstore that resides in Yau Ma Tei next to Broadway Cinematheque. Chuen Ho, the conductor of the performance, said that they’ve been cooperating with Kubrick since 2003.

“Kubrick is a place for me that has many possibilities. So we are, kind of, one of the possibilities as doing drama on the street,” Ho explained.

Audience being asked about his own memorable moment for the performance.

During the two hour performance, the audience will be asked to tell stories in their lives which they want to reflect on. And then the performance team will try to play it back again with their own interpretation of the moment. The night went on with audience’s laughters and tears as those memorable moments in their lives were reminded once again.


“I can feel the storytellers have the urge to tell those stories. I can feel the energy.  This kind of energy makes us feel worthy doing something here,” Ho said. “I’m so honored for them trusting us to tell their stories.”


The performance is located near to Public Square Street, where neighbors in Yau Ma Tei used to talk about news and stories. By doing the throwback performance, they are trying to revive the culture of storytelling in the local community, said Ho.


“It helps to open the possibility for people to tell their own story and then build communication,” Ho said. “We believe that communication builds community.”


Chuen Ho was playing music as part of the performance.

Always acting as a performer to tell others’ stories, Ho also has his own memorable moment that he wants to reflect on.


“I remember one night. At first the weather was fine, beautiful night with some breeze. Suddenly it rained. What surprised me was people still stayed here to watch our show even though they didn’t have umbrellas with them.” Ho recalled.


Ho thought that everyone’s stories should be given their own dues.


“I think that’s why we do playback. We believe that every story from everyone is worth to be told, to be listened, to be heard and to be watched,” Ho said.


Writer: Jackson Liu

Copy-editor: Phoebe Lau

Online team: Ningsang


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