Street culture in Central— Vans of House 2017

Do you always see people skateboarding, performing music or drawing graffiti when walking along the streets of Hong Kong? This form of arts, music, and fashion (as known ‘street culture’) is very popular in some of the metropolises like New York, London and Sydney, but not in Hong Kong. Last weekend, Vans of House Asian Tour brought this popular culture to Hong Kong through different workshops, live music, arts, and skateboarding events.  

Vans of House Hong Kong 2017 took place in the Central Harbourfront Event Space last weekend, on October 6th-7th, as one of the stops of its Asia tour, to promote skateboarding, art, music as well as street culture in Hong Kong.

Here are some of the most fascinating things brought by the House of Vans Hong Kong 2017.


Father brought his son to experience skateboarding
Children playing in the skate park.
Skateboarders showing their skills


One of the highlights taken from the event is Vans stoop series skate park. As a skate theme park, it allowed the public to experience the fun of street culture in free skate session. People who were interested in skateboarding, even those without any knowledge it, could skate freely and express themselves in the park. Professional instructors were alongside to help and teach the beginners about basic skating tip and tricks. Moreover, in the performance session, famous skateboarders like Chris, Piet, and 8five2 had showed their hands.


Custom DIY Workshops

Woodwork designed by Light with Shade
Draw your own shoes in DIY shorshop

Customizing your own vans was another highlight of this event. There were different DIY workshops for the public to create their own art pieces including custom paper vans workshop, copper made light lamp DIY workshop and woodwork workshop. Many local artists were contributing to this festival, including Mr. candy who created candy art, Light with Shade who designed the woodwork, Bao La who is the Chef of cuisine and Evangeline Chan who is the illustrator and graphic designer for this event.

“If you are into graffiti and street arts, you would want to design your own shoes,” said Taka, an artist in the Art Maze.

Live Music Show

Live music show at night bringing up the atmosphere

What’s more, Vans held a live music show which brought the atmosphere to the peak. Some well-known local bands were performing in the show including DTSQ, Tonick, Kevin Boy, Trash, etc.

Atasha, a girl who went to the House of Vans with her friends said that there were not many events like this in Hong Kong and street culture is not popular here, however, it is getting popular. “Hong Kong is too conservative,” she said. “This event could broaden the horizon of people in Hong Kong.”

A Boost to the Changing Cultural Dynamics

At last, Vans of House Hong Kong 2017 brings something more than Skateboarding, DIY workshops and music live house. It also gives a boost to the currently underground street culture in Hong Kong.

“This activity is promoting skateboarding culture in Hong Kong,” said Robert Shaw, who brought his three-year-old kid with him to Vans of House last Saturday. “I mean, it’s amazing and family friendly, as it encourages children to take part in it.”

Shaw said his son is a big fan of skateboarding but there are very few skate parks in Hong Kong. There are more in Kowloon side and less in Hong Kong Island. They had been there twice, on both days of this festival.

There is still a long way ahead before street culture get popular in Hong Kong. But recently the trend is getting more and more popular. Hopefully some day in the future, you will see graffiti walls everywhere when you are walking down the street.


Writer: Vanesse

Photographer: Vanesse

Copy Editor :Nicole

Editor : Jackson

Online : Sally


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