The Mysterious Mr. Wong

Who is the energetic man, with the characteristic laughter, behind one of Hong Kongs most popular restaurants who claim to be the brother of Donald Trump? I set to find out.

The moment you set foot in the restaurant you’ll find yourself surrounded by a cheap but welcoming interior. And before you know about it, a man with a very present body language is already greeting you with a distinctly chinglish accent. He is not more than 5 and a half feet tall – but he has a presence of a circus director – confident and vibrant.

The lively Mr. Wong. Photo by me.

You don’t need to spend more than a few days as an exchange student in Hong Kong before you hear about Mr. Wong. His name is notorious amongst students and the moment you visit his self-titled restaurant in Mong Kok, you instantly know why.

If you are looking for a menu card your search will be short. Because the business model of Mr. Wongs is simple. You can order beer and you can order food. Everything is ad libitum.

The beer served is the (almost) local Kingsway and often served so cold that you get some sort of slush ice-beer. The food can be whatever is left in the kitchen – but the dishes will come flying your way until you say stop.

As I kid growing up in small village in the Guangdong province in China, Mr. Wong dreamed about becoming a professional swimmer. But his parents didn’t let him pursue his dream. They said he should get a proper job.

So when the whole family moved to Hong Kong in 1979 Mr. Wong got a job as a butcher in the local super market.

He went on working in the service industry until he opened his own place in 1997.

On the back wall of the restaurant you’ll notice the classic Trump/Pence bumper sticker, that became very famous when Donald Trump was campaigning for Office. And if you are lucky you’ll catch Mr. Wong wearing the infamous red “Make America Great Again” cap, while he runs around the all the exchange students while handing out free and questionable whiskey.

Mr. Wong considers Donald Trump as his brother, because – in his own words – they are both, strong, smart and rich. And he is not shy to prove the latter by showing of his one billion dollar note – displaying the face of Donald Trump instead of Benjamin Franklin.

Maybe you’re asking yourself why this sketchy place with this funky owner is so popular amongst students. The answer is simple – with a combined menu set price with both beers and food for only 80 HKD you won’t find another place in the 852 where you can get a full stomach and get drunk for less.

Mr. Wong. Photo by me.

So the next time you find yourself in Mong Kok, preferably on a Friday or Saturday evening, make sure to stop by one of Hong Kong’s quirkiest eateries – you won’t regret it, the owner himself will make sure.

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