Up Your Dating Game on Valentine’s Day with the following Places

Valentine’s Day might be a stressful time for couples as there is always pressure to surprise your significant other. When people think of what to do during Valentine’s Day, a fancy dining experience at a steakhouse usually pops up on their minds. However, there is a plethora of options in Hong Kong that is not only romantic but also budget-friendly. If you are still thinking for a perfect activity to do on Valentine’s this year, this article might just be your best friend. Without further ado, here are some not-so-known places to have your date on Valentine’s Day and give him/her the Valentines of a lifetime.

Braemer Hill

There is nothing sexier than a 360-degree panoramic view of Hong Kong skyline. Many couples will choose to go to Victoria Peak, but if pushing through crowds and breaking your bank account aren’t on your agenda this Valentine’s Day, go out of the way to see Braemer Hill. The natural landscape is situated on the east side of Hong Kong and is easily accessible by bus. The hill offers a beautiful view of HK island and Kowloon sides, and on top of that, is mostly unknown. Therefore, there will probably be no crowd to prevent you from being a little romantic with your partner if you wanted to.


Kowloon Peak


Skip the fancy wine and dine for a picnic overlooking the concrete jungle. Come here during sunset and you will witness one of the most beautiful sights in Hong Kong, if not the world. My favorite part about this peak is that there is no need to hike whatsoever. Most people take a cab all the way to the end point, and from there, there is a 5-10 minute walk to get to the lookout point. Beware though: he/she might just fall for the view instead of you #oops.

Cape D’Aguilar

Hong Kong has plenty of seaside spots, but Cape D’Aguilar is one of the most beautiful and peaceful areas for a fast romantic getaway. There are so many spots here that are literally picture perfect: beach, cliff, lighthouse, and even a cave. The area is located on the southeast side of Hong Kong island, so not many people know about this place. Therefore, you can have this whole place for your significant other and yourself to just enjoy each other’s company and listen to the peaceful sound of the waves crashing onto the cliff.

Stanley Beach

Stanley Beach might not have the best beach in Hong Kong, but it is the most accessible with fantastic eats. Only a 40-minute bus ride from Central, Stanley Village is a great way to escape the urbanity of Hong Kong for some relaxing time with your significant other. The best part about the village is that there are many restaurants and bars along the promenade that you can have a nice dinner with your significant other. From February 10th to 14th, there is a special attraction at Stanley Plaza that allows couples to write love messages and hang it on a replica of Paris’ famous Love Wall. What is more romantic than that, right?


Sai Wan Swimming Shed

“Love so deep the ocean uses us as a metaphor.” If there is ever a single best location for couples, Sai Wan Swimming Shed would probably win first place. Just a 10-minute bus ride from HKU (or a 30 minute walk if you are adventurous), the last remaining swimming shed in Hong Kong is easily accessible. When you stand on the shed or cliff , you’ll immediately forget you are in Hong Kong: the mysterious, scattered islands in the background, the water droplets falling onto your skin, the peaceful and tranquil sounds of the waves, and the smell of the sea. Bring your date here to experience a magical sunset together, and it will be a day you will never forget.


Hong Kong is not just filled with skyscrapers, but if you know where to look, you can find beautiful locations like the ones just described here. Take your date out to any of these spots, and you will be his/her hero after Valentine’s Day.


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