Well-Wishing in Lam Tsuen

Have you decided where to go this coming weekend? Visiting Lam Tsuen Wishing Square would be a good choice for all of you to enjoy the bustle of the Hong Kong Well-Wishing Festival 2018. A series of activities would be held between 16 February to 4 March in Lam Tsuen, Tai Po.

It is the 8th Hong Kong Well-Wishing Festival. Photo: Stella Yip Sin-tung

Every Chinese New Year Holiday, thousands of local citizens and overseas tourists would visit Lam Tsuen and participate in the events of Hong Kong Well-Wishing Festival. The event programs are suitable for both family and couples. You can enjoy taking part in the food carnival, Chinese New Year float exhibition and the wishing lanterns lighting ceremony. Couples can also design their love locks in Lam Tsuen Wishing Square.

Floats showcased in the Chinese New Year Parade exhibit in Lam Tsuen. Photo: Stella Yip Sin-tung


People visit and burn joss sticks at Tin Hau Temple in Lam Tsuen. Photo: Stella Yip Sin-tung

You, of course, cannot miss out the most conventional activity- joss paper throwing. Burning joss sticks under wishing trees and throwing joss paper into the trees to make wishes are the tradition for the villagers. People would write down their names, birthdays and wishes on joss paper. They believe that the higher the tree branches the joss paper hang on, the more likely the wishes would come true.

Each joss paper costs HK$25. Photo: Stella Yip Sin-tung

In the past, there are no special wishing trees, villagers would randomly throw joss paper to one of the trees outsides Tin Hau temple. The biggest and oldest tree located at the entrance of Lam Tsuen became the Wishing Tree gradually. However, the Wishing Tree was damaged due to overloading of joss paper in 2005. The tree collapsed and hurt two people.

Nowadays, the two Banyan trees outside the temple have become wishing trees. People now can throw joss paper into the imitation trees or hang their joss paper on nearby wooden racks to prevent similar accidents.

Spend a day in Lam Tsuen with your family, lovers or friends and make the best wishes for the year of dog!

People are throwing joss paper to the wishing tree. Photo: the website of Hong Kong Tourism Board

How to get there

  • Get on bus 64K, 64P at MTR Tai Po Market station, get off at Fong Ma Po Station
  • Get on minibus 25K and get off at Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees
  • Take a taxi from MTR Tai Wo station

Reminder: Check if there is any special traffic arrangement

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