6 Things Hong Kong Has to Offer in May

May is upon us! And so is humidity and the possibility of an early start to the typhoon season. The students are pouring out their last bits of effort to take home a good grade and vacation is just around the corner. With all this free time at hand soon, you might want to start planning how to use it. We have gathered a list of fun stuff to attend in May, so whether it’s typhoon or sunny weather, there is plenty for you to do.

Jake Bugg // May 5
At 1564 Live House in Wan Chai on May 5th you could witness the first concert ever in Hong Kong by the talented Briton Jake Bugg. The indie folk singer is doing an acoustic tour at the moment with his latest album “Hearts That Strain” which was produced by lead singer of The Black Keys, Dan Auerbach.

On the same date, another Englishman called Harry Styles will be playing at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Source: Jake Bugg

Tin Hau’s Birthday // May 8
In the early days of Hong Kong the city was known as a fishing town, where almost every Hong Konger praised Tin Hau the Goddess of the Sea. Today Tin Hau doesn’t receive the same recognition as she did in her glory days, but once a year on her birthday we all get together to celebrate her.

Throughout the city there are over 60 Tin Hau temples, so it will not be difficult to join the celebrations of one of Hong Kongs most colorful festivals. But if you want the real real deal, then head out towards the islands and the fishing villages. Here you’ll find lion and dragon dances, Kung Fu shows and a whole lot of drumming.

Cheung Chau Bun Festival // May 19th – 23rd.
A festival known for sweet buns? Yes, please.
The Cheung Chau Bun Festival is held on Buddha’s Birthday and is renowned for it’s blatant tribute to dessert-like buns, which you can stuff your face with for five days in a row.

The festival culminates in a Bun Snatching Competition, where some lucky competitors get to climb the landmark Bun Mountains, which are 60-ft Bamboo Towers with Sweet Buns attached all the way to the top. It is believed that fortune will come to the families of those men and women, who snatches the buns at the top.
This tradition can be seen towards the end of the video below.

Source: Coconuts TV

Make sure you attend the Piu Sik (Floating Colors) Parade as well during the festival. In the parade local school children dressed as legendary and modern heroes are paraded through the streets, while standing on the tip of swords and paper fans. It is perfectly safe and a pretty cool sight.

Buddha’s Birthday // 22 May

Temples and monasteries will be buzzing, as this birthday and public holiday is celebrated all throughout the city. Lanterns are lit to celebrate Buddhas enlightenment and the city will be full of people traveling to different temples to pay their respects.

Big Buddha. Photo by Emil Aaby
Big Buddha. Photo by Emil Aaby

One of the biggest celebrations will of course be taking place at the biggest Buddha of them all, Big Buddha. Besides visiting the beautiful Po Lin Monastery and the Big man himself, the surrounding area will be full of events such as Shaolin Kung Fu and acrobatics shows as well as a traditional face changing show, which is a must-see!

Dragon Boating

The Lamma International Dragon Boat Festival // May 13
Stanley Dragon Boat Warm Up Races // May 26

If you’re into paddle-driven boat competitions, then take two days off of work on the 13th and 26th of May.

The Lamma International Dragon Boat Festival is being held for the 11th year in a row and will take place at Tai Wan To beach. Competitions will be held in the categories Men, Women and Junior Crews. The races will of course be followed by after party on the beach.

On the 26th of May the warm up to the Dragon Boat Festival is taking place. The Warm Up is taking place at Stanley Main Beach, but just because it’s a warm up, it doesn’t mean that the day wont be as action-packed as the actual Dragon Boat Festival taking place on June 18th the following month.
The boats and racecourse will be a tiny bit smaller, but the competition should still be as fierce.

Solo // 25 May
Deadpool 2 // 31 May

If Marvel’s Infinity War didn’t feed your appetite for huge CGI-filled and amazing spectacles on the silver screen then fear not, cause May still have a lot to offer.

On the 25th of May Disney is out with yet another Star Wars movie, this time focusing on the origins of Han Solo and how he became the pilot of the Millenium Falcon.

The following weekend, on the 31st of May, yet another Disney blockbuster is out when Deadpool finally returns! See the latest trailer for the movie below:

And last but not least, make sure to remember these two dates in May as well.

Labour Day // May 1

Public Holiday! And according to the weather forecasts a pretty perfect day for the beach.

Mother’s Day // May 13

Unfortunately not a public holiday, but you might want to remember it anyways…


Reporter: Emil Aaby
Editor: Angus Yam

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