Luen Wo Hui: an affordable food paradise in the New Territories of Hong Kong

The summer holidays are soon approaching, and it’s high-time to begin the search for good and affordable food.

Hidden in the New Territories in Fanling is a small market town with some of the most sought after food in the city. 

Established as one of the first modern marketplaces to combine residential and commercial elements in Hong Kong, Luen Wo Hui has since grown to nurture a diversified food industry. 

Now, let me introduce five unique restaurants and eateries from Luen Wo Hui.


Mr. Yammy 大蕃薯

French toast with yam accompanied by a glass of yam milk tea at Mr. Yammy. PC: Martin Choi

Mr Yammy is a unique Western restaurant specialising in one very healthy ingredient — you guessed it, yam! The owner Mr. Liu ran a restaurant in Canada for 20 years before opening Mr. Yammy, and hopes to bring some insight into healthy eating by introducing yam into our diets.

From french toast with yam, fish fingers with yam salad, pork chop yam baked rice and their very own yam milk tea and yam milk shake, this restaurant will surely satisfy your craving for all things “yammy”. And even if yam isn’t your thing, their roast pork knuckle is a culinary delight as well!

Location: G/F, 7 Luen Cheong Street, Luen Wo Hui, Fanling

Kwan Kee Beef Balls and Pork Knuckle 群記牛肉圓豬手

The store front of Kwan Kee Pork Knuckles and Beef Balls. PC: Martin Choi

Many people drive over to Kwan Kee from the other side of Hong Kong just to try their famous braised pork knuckle noodles and beef rolls. Their specially made spicy sauce follows a unique recipe, and has just the right amount of red pepper spiciness and fresh garlic sweetness. It goes amazingly well with the pork knuckles braised tender and just right.

If you want to try out their pork knuckles, be sure to come early as they sell out by late noon each day. The shop closes at 4:30 p.m. each day.

Location: G/F, 5 Luen Cheong Street, Luen Wo Hui, Fanling

Jazz Ramen 爵士拉麵

Pork ramen in miso soup served by Jazz Ramen. PC: Martin Choi

This ramen shop was established nearly two decades ago, and has remained a favorite of locals and ramen-lovers around Hong Kong. Originally run by a Japanese chef from Hokkaido, the business was picked up by his daughter after he retired.

The noodles for their ramen are specially made from a family recipe. Their soup base is freshly prepared from pork bones, and the daughter gives them away to dog-owners so as not to waste them. The rich soup and special texture of the noodles culminates into a unique ramen experience.

Location: 2A Luen Cheong Street, Luen Wo Hu, Fanling

Four Eyes Rice Rolls 四眼仔腸粉

A kid and his mother stare at the cheap prices of Four Eyes Rice Rolls. PC: Martin Choi

Run-by an old man in his signature spectacles, this shop started as a mobile stall more than a decade ago. It has grown into this shop in Fanling today, and attracts long queues for its excellent rice rolls, fish balls and cheap price. Four rice rolls sell for 6HKD, and seven fish balls for only 3HKD.

The owner uses his very own soya sauce recipe. When poured over the smooth rice rolls, you can taste a mixture of delicious soya beans and rice rolls. The fish balls are made from minced dace fish, quite different from the other fish balls you can find elsewhere.

Location: G/F, 40B Wo Lung Street, Fanling

Tai Dao Taiwanese Pancakes 臺道手抓餅專門店

A Taiwanese pancake with kimchi, cheese and spicy conch filling and honey mustard sauce. PC: Martin Choi

The newest among the five, Tai Dao opened last year in September. Their special 󠀦Taiwanese pancake mixture is made every morning by the owner, who developed his own recipe. They also provide a variety of fillings to go inside the pancake, including cheese, beef, spicy conch, kimchi and a lot of others. Their kimchi filling follows a special recipe of their own-making, and has just the right amount of spiciness.

Made fresh upon each order, the texture of the pancake is just right, not too crispy and not too soft. And in the short time since it has opened, it has already gathered quite a crowd. It’s very much recommended and definitely worth a try.

Location: Shop 2B, G/F, Po Ling Building, 2-8 Wo Lung Street, Fanling



Writer: Choi Wun Ting Martin

Editor: Chung Wai Ling Joy

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