Miniature Exhibition Displays the Art of Creativity

A Japanese miniature artist who has more than 1 million followers on Instagram, Tatsuya Tanaka, has held his miniature exhibition in Tsim Sha Tsui. In this exhibition, named “mini CHOCOllection”, there are 32 miniature art pieces with different themes.

Since this exhibition is held near the Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year, some art pieces are themed with holiday elements like chocolate and reunion dinner. He has also added some Hong Kong local elements in his artwork, such as dai pai dongs and old tenement buildings.

This miniature model displays the local buildings. (Photo taken by Wincy Kwok)

Tanaka usually uses “everyday life” as the theme of his art pieces, but this time is an exception. “mini CHOCOllection” is his first exhibition that has a particular theme. Thus, some art pieces can only be seen in this exhibition.

Tanaka has a fertile imagination on making miniature models. He is good at using ordinary objects and adding mini people models to make a creative and realistic miniature scene. For example, a crown cork is used to imitate the desks found in Chinese traditional restaurant.

People eat the Lunar New Year reunion dinner on the ‘crown cork’. (Photo taken by Wincy Kwok)

Actually, his imagination is originated from a broccoli. “I think everyone had this kind of thoughts before: a broccoli looks like a tree,” he once said in an interview. He believes that miniature models can inspire us and add colours to our daily lives!

Tanaka started his miniature calendar project on Instagram in 2011, where he shares his art pieces every day. Now, he has nearly 2,500 artwork. You can visit his Instagram for more interesting creations.

If cannot wait to see Tanaka’s creations, please do not hesitate to come. You will be impressed by his creativity. This exhibition is open to the public until 25th February 2018 and it is located at Atrium II & Corridor, G/F, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City. It is also free of charge.

A couple rides a horse on the ‘grass’ made of a deep green sweater. (Photo taken by Wincy Kwok)
A couple walks down the ‘red plastic tape’ at the wedding. (Photo taken by Wincy Kwok)


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