Ngong Ping 360

The Big Buddha is without a doubt a Hong Kong must-see. Nestled high in the mountains on Lantau Island, the Big Buddha, also known as Tian Tan Buddha, represents the importance of Buddhism in the country. The Big Buddha sits across from the Po Lin Monastery and is visited by hundreds of tourists and locals each and every day.

Photo by Audrey Landau

To access the Big Buddha, visitors have the option of taking a bus up the mountain or taking the Ngong Ping 360 cable car. The cable car ride showcases breathtaking views of Hong Kong and the Big Buddha. Guests also have the option of choosing a cable car with a “crystal” floor so it feels as if they’re flying through the mountains.

The cable car makes the trip to Big Buddha memorable and offers guests an experience of a lifetime.

After hopping off the Ngong Ping 360, enjoy many other attractions on Lantau Island. You can enjoy a vegetarian lunch at the Po Lin Monastery and hike it off on one of the numerous hiking trails.

The monastery is home to several temples as it is an important Buddhist site. As you walk through the monastery you are enveloped in smoke and the smell of incense is strong.

Lantau Island also offers sites such as the Tai Po fishing village and tours to see pink dolphins. These sites aren’t near the Big Buddha but are also worth seeing while on the island.

There are always exciting places to see in Hong Kong. As an exchange student, I’m always discovering new places.

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