There’s a new sheriff in town

Burgers are a religion. Some may claim, that the perfect does not exists. But to many, the New York City invented Shake Shack-burger is the only one that gets close to being perfect. And just last week they opened up a brand new restaurant in Hong Kong. I went to find out what the fuzz was all about.

Before I begin my review, I have a couple of confessions.
First; I am, and have always been and will always be, a pizza-guy. But I have never been one to shy away from a good burger. Second; it was not my first time at a Shake Shack restaurant. I’ve been to one in London, but my BAC at that time can easily justify this week visit as my first – sort of.

It all about the hype
Shake Shack has not been lazy with their campaigning prior to the launch of the Hong Kong restaurant. Posters all over town, massive Instagram advertising and Facebook events did ensure, that only troglodytes would be the only ones unaware of the opening.

Patience. Photo by me.

They even had a soft opening where VIPs and a lucky few ordinary citizens could come and score some Instagram-likes in order to hype the hard opening even more.

And located at one of Hong Kongs prime locations: the roof top garden at the IFC Mall, Shake Shack themselves sure did their part to turn up the expectations

Studying the menu card. Photo by me.

Waiting game
Sure, planning on going to Shake Shack a Saturday night during opening week together with five friends is a slight ambitious if you don’t my waiting. And man did we wait.

Shake Shack really got themselves into the situation and had prepared tightly organizes fences to form an orderly queue. They wisely handed out menu cards to everyone in line.

We arrived a 6pm, had brought a couple of beers to help kill time. An hour and a half later, I placed my order.

My impression

The Classic Set. Photo by me

I ordered a double SmokeShack, the legendary CheeseFries and the exclusively brewed ShackMeister Ale from Brooklyn Brewery – one of my favorite breweries. At 180 HKD I don’t consider that to be cheap.

Somehow they managed to mess up my order – so I ended up having the original ShackBurger. But after we had been waiting for that long I was just happy to finally get something to eat.

The main theme of the burger is grease, grease and grease. It is greasy as f….
Personally, I’m a big fan of a greasy burger, especially when it is wrap in a nice Brioche bun which can soak up some of the fat.

The size is pretty handy and it can easily be controlled with one hand, leaving the other one free for the fries and your beverage. Not ordering a double will in my opinion make not make the waiting worth it.

Grease… Photo by me.

The meat was in opinion perfectly done, leaving the inside being just the right color of rosa.

The sauce ads a bit of bitterness to the meat with makes it all well balances. The lettuce and tomato slices was both really soggy and didn’t really contribute to the tastes.

The famous CheeseFries were nauseating. It felt like the cheese vent straight into your aorta leaving you in fear of a stroke.

The best part of the meal was in my opinion the beer. Delightfully refreshing helping you to digest the massive quantities of grease.

The ShackMeister Ale. Photo by me.

The milkshake could be a good non-alcoholic alternative according to my friend Sophia
“…the best experience was the milkshake, maybe because I didn’t really expect anything, but is was so good with a rich taste of chocolate and small chocolate bits in it!”

The verdict
Shake Shack is by far the best burger I have had in Hong Kong. The fries were embarrassing. But the best part must be the view.

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