Trends in Hong Kong for fall: makeup, fashion, food and many more!

With the weather getting cooler, it’s time to grab those sweaters out of the closet, bust open a packet of your favourite warm drink and unwind, relax as you enjoy the beauty of fall. Although Hong Kong isn’t the place you would think of when it comes to beautiful foliage of red and orange cascading down trees or people walking around huddled up, cozy in their warm beanies and large sweaters, there are several trends that are still celebrated in Hong Kong during this time of the year.

Fall, being a season where Halloween and Thanksgiving are celebrated, is definitely a festive one. Moreover, the weather couldn’t be any less perfect this fall in Hong Kong. Temperatures have dropped enough so that we can enjoy the cool autumn winds but not enough that our teeth chatter with every gust of wind that passes us. So, without further ado, here are several trends – fashion, makeup and food – to enjoy this fall.

In terms of fashion, there has been an emergence of many bold patterns and textures in clothing. One of the most popular fall items this season is plaid and velvet patterned clothing. Velvet has seen an increased in popularity over the last year and made its way to the fall trends this year. Velvet can be a pretty hot material to work with especially in Hong Kong. So, we can incorporate velvet into our clothing in the form of tank tops, skirts or even velvet shoes.


A two piece velvet tank top and wide legged pants (image source: forever 21)

Another important fall fashion trend this season is the leather bomber biker jackets. Biker jackets has long been a must-have staple piece in everyone’s closet, but it’s making a resurgence this fall. This type of jackets keeps you looking chic and warm at the same time. Also, there has been several types of this jacket incorporating faux-fur (such as the one on the bottom), either on the collar or the sleeves of the jackets. Fur has consistently always been a trend every fall and this year, it is no exception.


Oversized biker jacket with faux-fur (image source: H&M)

Lastly in fashion, hats and caps has been making quite a scene this fall. Forget about your boring beanies, what’s a better way to create a statement than by wearing a quirky statement hat or caps? From berets, to newsboy caps and bucket hats, it’s easy to elevate an outfit you’re wearing with one of the most underrated accessories. Berets are not only for painters now but can be paired up with an oversized knit sweater to add an extra-something to your look. 50’s inspired bucket hats and newsboy caps (such as the one below) comes in all different textures and colours, from fur, plaid and even leather.


Moving on to food and beverages, one of the trending beverages we have this fall is the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. Now, the pumpkin spice latte has long been a fall staple but for Hong Kong, it is the first time that Starbucks has introduced it storewide and easily accessible for everyone. The pumpkin spice latte is a concocted with an espresso base, followed by steamed milk flavoured with signature spices including cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg and finally topped off with a generous amount of whipped cream. It’s the perfect drink for fall! If you do not quite fancy the pumpkin spice latte, Starbucks also provides an alternative in the fall series – the maple pecan latte – which is just as good. The maple pecan latte starts off with the same espresso and milk base and is then flavoured with maple syrup, pecan and brown butter.


Starbuck’s signature fall drinks, the pumpkin spice latte and the maple pecan latte (image source: Starbucks Hong Kong)

In the makeup-sphere, the trending fall makeup item is no doubt the newly released Morphe 35O2 eyeshadow palette. Morphe has long been known for affordable and high quality eyeshadows and makeup and the 35O2 palette is no exception. With their upgraded formula, the quality of the eyeshadows are beyond expectations. The colours in the palette itself is very fall-appropriate, with the reds and browns, it is the perfect warm-toned palette for this fall. There are 35 colours in the palette, ranging for mattes to shimmers. It’s a highly versatile palette and you can create natural looks as well as a bolder one.


The newly released morphe 35O2 palette (image source: Morphe)


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