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Do you like playing with cats? However, you may not be able to keep cats at home because of various reasons, perhaps because of your busy work life, perhaps because you are worried about being inexperienced. If you really like cats and you can’t keep one regrettably, you may wish to take a look at a Cat Cafe!

Cat in Meow Mi Home cat cafe. Photo taken by Skylar


The smell of coffee filled the room, and the furry cats walked around customers. In a cat cafe, you can not only enjoy delicious food and drinks, but also can play with cute cats. Some of the cats are lazy, some are lively. It is a good place to leave aside your troubles and spend a healing afternoon leisurely.


Although it is a place where is full of animals, cat cafe is hygienic. Every store is very tidy and cats are very clean. Guests who want to enter the store must firstly wash their hands with the disinfecting hand sanitizer. Some stores, like Cafe de Kitten in Mong Kok, would also require the use of shoe covers.

Cats also seem to follow the rules of keeping the store clean and tidy. Even if they run or jump to a table, they will never break things or cause trouble to the guests.

Jack Zhang, an engineering student major in computer science. “The reason why I like cat cafe is very simple, that is I can play with many cats and I will feel very happy. And cats in cat cafe are all gentle.”


Every cat in the cat cafe is not afraid of people, even if they are holding a  camera. It is a paradise for cat lovers. Guests either sit quietly with cats, or use candy to attract cats, or take photos with them, or read a book to enjoy the afternoon. The atmosphere of the entire store is harmonious.


Here are 3 popular cat cafes in Hong Kong.


1.Meow Mi Home

Storefront decoration of cat cafe, photo taken by Skylar

Address: 2/F, Kui Kin Mansion, 566-568A, Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei

Call: 6832 6990

Time: 13:00-23:00

Price: $50-$100

Facebook page:


2.Cafe de Kitten


Caramel cake and Mango mille crepe cake in cat cafe, photo taken by Skylar

Address: Room 01, 14/F, Pakpolee Commercial Centre, 1A Sai Yeung Choi Street, Mong Kok

Call: 6221 1779

Time: 13:00-22:00

Price: minimum charge $68

Facebook page:


3.Mr. and Mrs. Cat & Dessert Cafe

A girl stroking the cat in Mr and Mrs. Cat & Dessert Cafe, photo taken by Iris

Address: 1L, 2-6 Foo Ming St, Causeway Bay

Call: 5116 1244

Time: 12:30-23:00

Price: Around $100

Facebook page:


Rising from Japan, cat cafe is a special place to drink coffee. Its initial popularity was due to the fact that many people in Japan lived alone and the busy work brought them stress and little free time. In addition, Japanese crowded high-rise buildings do not allow pets, so many Japanese office workers are very lonely and stressful. Cat cafe brings opportunities for them to get along with cats closely, not only slowing down the pace of life, but also relaxing mind and body.


In recent years, the trend of cat cafe has also spread rapidly in Hong Kong. The reason for its popularity is that the social conditions of Hong Kong is similar to Japan, it is also a fast-paced city. Both students and office workers face a lot of pressure in their lives. In addition, many apartments in Hong Kong do not allow pets, so cat cafe has become a good place for relaxation and decompression.


A recent economic term is very popular in Japan – “Nekonomics“, means the economics of cats. As the number of single people in Japan continues to increase, the trend of having a pet cat is unprecedented. Economists have found that in any area, as long as this phenomena with cats emerge, they can attract the attention of the people and profit. This term seems to be used in Hong Kong, too. In recent years, many cat cafe and cat bookstores raised in the town. Just need a little publicity, these stores will be able to get unprecedented business. Even if the remote location of the stores, people are willing to go there specifically.


A cat falling asleep in an afternoon. Photo taken by Skylar


Cat cafe can attract various social classes, but the target group of are “Cats Fan”, they are mostly students and white-collared workers with spending power and consumption desire.


Iris Zhang, a student who likes cats very much, is a big fan of cat Cafe. “I’m allergic to hair, so I cannot keep one and I do not dare to touch cats too many times. But despite this, I come to Meow Meow Home for a several times, when I see a group of cuties and they lively run and jump. I will be very satisfied.” She said that, “When I feel tired, I would go to cat cafe.”


As the same place where for urbanites to relax, cat cafe is clearly more popular than other themed cafe, and the price of food or coffee is higher than regular coffee shops. For many customers who loves cat cafes, cats have a good soothing effect on the cumulative pressure of working for a whole day. It doesn’t matter what you eat or drink in cat cafe. The most important thing is the warm and healing atmosphere here.


In Japan, there are many types of animal cafes besides the common cata cafe. Goats, owls, rabbits, hedgehogs… Throughout Asia, most animal-themed cafes are mainly cats and dogs, but the number is increasing. Cat cafe are now found in anywhere of Asia, Europe and the United States. The healing cafes meet the daily intimacy needs of people for cute pets. Go to cat cafe and enjoy a pleasant afternoon, is becoming the most lively activities of healing in the city.


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