Hong Kong takes shine to its first luxe pre-loved boutique

Being one of the biggest financial and commercial centers of Asia, Hong Kong people like to spend money on all kinds of luxury, ranging from clothes to bags, accessories and shoes. French luxury brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Yves Saint-Laurent are powerful and they perfectly know that Hong Kong market is more than likely attractive. However, it is quite hard for middle-class people to afford those kinds of luxury brands because of their exorbitant prices. Second-hand could be the answer to them. However, pre-owned shops are definitely a new concept in Hong Kong.

Second-hand is about acquiring some objects as fashion items after being used by another; which means that it is not new. The eco-system for pre-owned goods has evolved with local startups in Europe making the second-hand business a powerful way of selling and buying things. However, Asia and Hong Kong seem new to this concept. Even though some websites have already started to emerge on Internet; only one physically exists in Hong Kong, which is located on Gough street in Soho.


The first luxe pre-owned boutique, Label Chic, has opened last month. The shop owner and founder is French, Héloïse Mendes. As a native Parisian, she knows the impact of French fashion in Hong Kong. This not only about luxury, as mentioned above; it is also about high-end brands like COS, Isabel Marant or Chloé. Thanks to Label Chic, luxury can be affordable to everyone.


“When I arrived here, I couldn’t find brands that I liked wearing,” recalls Mendes. “There were just two options of clothing: too cheap or too expensive – nothing in between. It’s very common in Europe to have secondhand shops of high-end brands and luxury items. I love fashion and knew I wanted to launch my own business. Using my experience and what I have known from growing up in Paris, I thought maybe I’d do something second-hand here.”


Now, clients can shop all year round for the latest designer labels at one designated location. In the new showroom on the third floor of Gough Plaza, racks are lined with Balenciaga, Sandro and many more; all in impeccable quality and superb condition. Relocating to Hong Kong nine years ago, the Parisian decided to leave her career in advertising to pursue her passion. Starting with the French community of Hong Kong, Mendes organized a private sale at her place in Stanley to great fanfare. Now, she has launched a website ‘LabelChic.com’ and has attracted more international and local clientele. This second-hand shop offers luxe merchandises but also luxe services by having a fashion stylist like Mendes, giving personalized attention and providing advanced knowledge of everything you’re thinking of trying on. “I don’t want to only promote luxury brands,” she explains. “The number one thing is the existence of quality and craftsmanship.”

The second-hand concept does not only allow people to have access to luxury, but also promotes sustainable fashion. Fashion items can be re-used by someone else, avoiding the tragic faith of being thrown out into the bin, and making useless wastes.

You should definitely give a try at this new special concept in Hong Kong.


Shop 3A, 3/F, 33 Gough Street



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