Places to go on your night out to spice up your mood

It seems that the night in Hong Kong never goes to sleep! In this article, it will show you 5 different spots you can go for your night out depending on your mood of that day.


Gecko is a place you would definitely go if you need a time-out from the loud crowded clubs. If you want to relax with good music in the air, Gecko provides you with the live jazz music and also plays your requests as well. (You can volunteer to sing on the stage too if you feel a little too bored to just sit and drink!) Thursday is the best day to go as they offer you two drinks for one price!

Location: 15 Hollywood Rd, Central


Iron Fairies

If you feel like you want to go somewhere else that is far away from a cliché bar, you can try to go to Iron Fairies, which is located on Soho street. When you step into the bar, you will feel the magical atmosphere as there are butterflies above you and piled iron fairies in each table. Also, don’t forget to check the time for live music as they also offer live music everyday at a particular time.

Location: LG, 1 Hollywood Road, Central



Feeling sexy? Ophelia is a bar where you can enjoy entertainment and performance while you are having your drinks with your friends. You will be impressed to see the girls in amazing and delicate costumes in the performance. Not forgetting to mention about the beaded curtains and peacock feathers that are used for the unique design of the bar. Just by looking at the bar, you will feel that you are somewhere out in a fantasy world.

Location: Shop F39A & F41A, 1/F, Lee Tung Avenue, 200 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai


Lan Kwai Fong (LKF)

Lan Kwai Fong is just the right place if you want a classic night out with your friends. Even though the drinks you buy in 7-11 might be the most expensive ones among the 7-11 that exist in Hong Kong, it is worth it when you realise you are having fun with your new friends you met in LKF street. So if you feel like socialising, LKF will not let you down.

Location: Central Station (MTR)


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