The Perfect Weekend Getaway for Hong Kong – Shenzhen

Feeling exhausted from tensions and stress at work? Tired of the repetition of the similar view of the concrete jungle? Or getting suffocated by the crowd wherever you go in Hong Kong?

If your answer is YES to any of the questions above, you need a break. If you get nothing in mind, but desperately want to get out of the intensity of Hong Kong. Shenzhen is a great option for your little weekend getaway or a day-trip to relax and chill.

Why Shenzhen?

Located in the southeast of Guandong province of China, Shenzhen has developed into one of the most fast-growing economies, since being introduced as one of China’s Special Economic Zones. With the skyscrapers that spring up bordering Hong Kong and the comprehensive infrastructure construction, Shenzhen is perhaps very different from your usual perception of China.

Credits to Yida Xu.

What is important is that although Shenzhen has grown into the 7th biggest Chinese city by population, with its great acres of lands, it is much more spacious than Hong Kong. And there is plenty to explore, from natural parks, entertainment resorts, to the various Chinese cuisines that you can rarely find in Hong Kong with a cheaper price. Shenzhen is definitely worthy to check out. Here is a guide to some recommended attractions for your reference to travel in Shenzhen.


What can you do there?

1. Nature lovers

Shenzhen Bay Park. Credits to John Liu.

Shenzhen might be one of the most modernized cities in China, but it is still home to many green lands and natural parks. If you love the idea of cycling along the shore with the sea at one side and greeneries at another, you should definitely go to Shenzhen Bay Park. Featuring in coastal line of Southwest Shenzhen, the park offers a long trail for you to stroll around with the tender touch of sea winds. If weather permits, you can also have a glimpse of Hong Kong.

Binhai Avenue, Shenzhen (Take Shenzhen metro and get off at Shenzhen Bay Park station) 


2. Art addicts

OCT LOFT. Credits to John Liu.

Looking for something artistic? OCT (Overseas Chinese Town) LOFT would surely satisfy your curiosity for aesthetics.  From graffitis to the inspiring art pieces everywhere, this biggest creative industry part boasts galleries hosting series of exhibitions from time to time and international design firms, ranging from furniture to architecture design.


Address: Kaiping St, HuaQiaoCheng, Nanshan Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng


3. Eat all day

Hey Tea’s Matcha With Cheese Cream Cap. Credits to John Liu.

You won’t believe the variety of food choices in Shenzhen. Although there are not as many international restaurants as in Hong Kong, there are certainly more variations of Chinese cuisines in Shenzhen. Whether you are looking for hot and spicy dishes like Sichuan or Hunan-styled Mapo Tofu, or you are a meat-lover desiring for some Xinjiang-styled lamb kebab, you can easily find your favorite spot.


Dongmen Old-street is especially recommended. With a blend of traditional Chinese architecture and modern stores and street snack places, it is one of the most-gone places for travelers. Definitely try out chicken wing rice roll, the juicy chicken with the special-flavored rice make the best combination for your mouth. And don’t forget about Hey Tea, the rising star of beverage in China with its signature teach drinks topped with Cheese cream. The taste of it will blow you away.

Dongmen Old-street: Pedestrian St, DongMen, Luohu Qu, Shenzhen
Hey tea (multiple stores): L212, 1234 Space, No. 3081, Jianshe Road, Shenzhen


4. Just chill

Old Heaven Bookstore/Cafe. Credits to Melissa Lung.

Finding a restaurant to enjoy your whole afternoon can be quite difficult in Hong Kong, however, fortunately, you can find plenty of such here in Shenzhen. From cafes to a casual bookstore, Old Heaven Bookstore provides you with the cozy space, pleasant atmosphere and delicate pastries. Grab a book from their bookstore section and take a seat here with a cup of coffee, you will find out how fast time flies.

Besides a spiritual relaxation, you could also enjoy a physical relief in Shenzhen. The popular Water Cube Spa Hotel located just outside Hong Kong border (near Lok Ma Chau station) offers massage from foot to full body with a compact price. Spending a stress-free afternoon could be a wonderful alternative to busy visiting other attractions.

Old Heaven Bookstore: No. 120, Block A5, OCT LOFT, Shenzhen
Water Cube Spa Hotel: 1-6/F, Gangchenghuating Building, Yunong Village, Futian, Shenzhen 


How to get there?

Perhaps the best part for all Hong Kong residents is that it only takes about 60 to 90 minutes to this exciting place. Simply take the East Rail Line and get off either at Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau station, and you will find your way to Shenzhen. So, prepare your passport and necessary travel documents (For Hong Kong residents, the Home-return Permit; and foreigners, your Chinese Visa) to land your relaxing and fun weekend getaway.

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