The Trend of Cherry Blossoms

Talking about spring, what do you think of? People love to see cherry blossoms in spring, especially in Japan and Korea. The trend comes to Hong Kong too. However, it is hard to find cherry blossoms in Hong Kong due to its sub-tropical climate. Girls love cherry blossoms a lot because of the pink color and pretty outlook. There are many products and food using cherry blossoms as the theme in Hong Kong recently. Shops grab the hearts of customers and promote the trend of cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossom is not only the theme of common ornament and stationery, it can also relate to makeup product. The cherry blossom sleep mask is a limited edition of a Japan brand ELIXIR. It has the smell and color of cherry blossom and gel-like texture. The cherry blossom shower gel from L’OCCITANE is also another hot-sell item. After bathing using the shower gel, the whole bathroom will be full of the scent of cherry blossoms. The scent makes people feel relaxing and comfortable.

The ELIXIR cherry blossom sleep mask (Photography: ELIXIR)

Food can also contain the element of cherry blossom. McDonald’s introduces the cherry blossom shrimp flavored Shake Shake Fries. The outlook of all the food packages also change to cherry blossom and spring theme in pink color. McDonald’s usually has fixed Shake Shake Fries favors and food package. However, it follows the trend in Hong Kong this time and makes customers feel surprised.

Coffee shop chain Starbucks also launches a series of food made using cherry blossom, such as cherry blossom tart and drink. Besides, Starbucks also introduces fruits which are pink in color such as peach and strawberry to match the theme of spring. The packages of the drink and pudding also includes the drawing of cherry blossoms. This unifies all the food and drink in Starbucks and makes customer feel fresh.

The cherry blossom pudding cup in Starbucks (Photography: Clementine Leung)

Apart from traditional restaurants, some small shops also launch product and food of cherry blossom. A new pop up Instagram donut shop ChiNuts launches a set of donuts for Easter and spring. The donuts are in pink and cherry blossom sweet favor. It also adds the rabbit cartoon element in the donuts, in order to make the outlook of donuts more appealing. Lots of girls buy this because of the cherry blossom trend in Hong Kong and celebrate that spring is coming soon!

The cherry blossom favor donut in an Instagram shop (Photography: Clementine Leung)

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