Da Nang Dream: Propaganda, Gentrification and Beyond

Da Nang has long been known as the “poisoned city” during the disastrous Vietnam War when American planes flying overhead coating the city with toxic chemicals “Agent Orange”.

We visited Da Nang 43 years after the war.

Da Nang has made all its way from Agent Orange to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum, which rallied 21 countries from Chile to Papua New Guinea in November 2017.

Today, Da Nang is hoping to make its name as a rising regional hub with attractive investment opportunity, clean streets, tidy infrastructure and vigorous tourism.

Amongst all the dazzling new progress Da Nang has made, we found propaganda and gentrification two of the most striking features of this potential investment capital.

Click this link the view the full photo story of the fourth largest city in Vietnam. A photo story by Sarah Wong.

Pacing through some darkest chapters in the history, Da Nang is marching to a promising future with long-lost confidence.

With Vietnam striking to ascend to the global capitalist regime in the recent years, the city is ready to present the world its unique southeast Asian charm with a splash of Europeanization attributed to the colonial legacy, while the communist system might be facing a state of emergency, as what the upside down proletariate flag, intended to echo the state propaganda, in fact, signifies.

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