Destined for Demolition: Pang Jai

Opposite to the Sham Shui Po Police Station, Yen Chow Street Hawker Bazaar is located at the crossroads between Yen Chow Street and Lai Chi Kok Road. The Bazaar is dedicated to be a local fabric market for vendors, who used to sell the fabrics on streets in the 1970s until the construction of the underground railway for the Tsuen Wan Line.

Renowned for its grid of fabric stalls under the same corrugated iron roof covered with plastic canvas, the Bazaar is also dubbed as “Pang Jai” in folks’ minds. Its 40-year history background sheds light into the city’s ebb and flow of the garment industry’s development. During the period when Hong Kong still remained to be an important center for garment manufacturing in the 80s, Pang Jai illuminated as a breeding place for local fashion designers, allowing them to seek inspirations and sources for their work. Currently, Pang Jai is reputed as one of the last fabric markets in Hong Kong.

Few months ago, hawkers from Pang Jai received a notice of clearance by the government, who plans to resume the land for public housing development. The officials propose to move the Bazaar to the nearby Tung Chow Street Temporary Market, a wet market reputed with insanitary conditions along side with a large group of homeless population. Little hope remains, Pang Jai is likely to be vanished few years later.

Multimedia: Jasmine

Editor: Nicole Wong

Copy-editor: Vanesse

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