An Ethical Taste of Scrambled Egg with no Egg


Golden yellow scrambled, with teriyaki sauce sprinkled on top, lays nicely on fried rice. This is vegan scrambled egg, all comes from a bottle.


Green Common, a local social enterprise, has become the first ever place outside of the United States to introduce this vegan scrambled egg. The product was developed by JUST, an American tech corporation in Silicon Valley, with notable investors like Bill Gates and Lee Ka Shing.


The vegan egg comes in the form of scrambled egg mix in a bottle. Made from mung bean, carrots, tumeric and 12 other different vegetables, the vegan egg contains high plant-based protein, making sure the “scrambled egg” is nutritious and ethical. Unlike typical eggs, this vegan mix contains no cholesterol or antibiotics.


Upon introduction of new dishes incorporating vegan egg in late January, the restaurant has attracted huge media attention. Staff expressed that the number of customers has risen since the launch of this new product, most wanting to try the new egg dishes.


According to the owner of Green Common, David Yeung, over 75% of the customers are non-vegetarians. Many people want to try vegetarian dishes without changing their dining habits a lot. He saw an opportunity to sell vegetarian dishes that look and taste like meaty dishes.


“It’s not my first time to be here. [Green Common] They make vegetarian diets much like ordinary diets. This makes me more willing to try [vegetarian dishes],” said Karen Cheng, a non-vegetarian customer at Green Common.


Vegan diet has long been seen as a healthy, ethical and eco-friendly choice. According to an article published by Journal of Cleaner Production in 2017, a plant-based diet has a significantly lower carbon footprint than an average American diet, which mainly consists of meat like beef and pork.

Japanese Teriyaki Don sold at Green Common. Photo by Cassadee Wong


In terms of the appearance, the vegan scrambled egg is just like ordinary scrambled egg. However, customers can recognize the difference when they try to smell and taste the scrambled. The aroma and taste of the product do not resemble with the real eggs. Instead, a slight beany flavor makes the product more like a piece of dried tofu.


Green Common said they were pleased to have great reception from the public. They are hoping to introduce more dishes with this vegan scrambled egg mix, like Hong Kong style French toast.


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