Discovering the Hong Kong Underwater World

Scuba divers may see the Maldives, Indonesia or the Philippines as their dream diving destinations, as these places are famous for thier crystal-clear water and mesmerising marine life. What about local dive sites? What is your impression of Hong Kong waters? Dirty? Polluted? Mysterious?

Coral reef in the Maldives. Photo: Christy Yeung.

Although diving is seldom seen as a must-do activity for visitors in Hong Kong, there is much to discover in the local underwater paradise. In fact, Hong Kong is home to about 6,000 aquatic animals, and ranks 11th worldwide in the number of marine species. The temperate and tropical environment in Hong Kong provides desirable habitats for a variety of flora and fauna to flourish, resulting in the rich marine biodiversity of the territory.

Discover the other side to Hong Kong’s concrete jungle – the vibrant underwater world! This video shows some of the diurnal aquatic species found at Little Palm Beach, Sai Kung. Some interesting species include:

  1. Hermit crabs
    They carry with them a salvaged empty shell from other species for protection against predators.
  1. Clownfish & Sea anemone
    The orange fishes with white strips have a symbiotic relationship with sea anemone. They live together and provide each other with benefits such as protection and food.
  1. Pufferfish
    When threatened, pufferfish “puffs up” to double its original size as a defence mechanism.


More photos and videos of the marine environments of different areas in Hong Kong can be found on the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department site.


Reporter: Christy Yeung
Editor: Kinnie Li
Copy editor: Amanda Har
Content Manager: Cassadee Wong

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