Earth Hour Is Coming to Town


It’s finally March! Can you think of anything special this month? Start of the Spring season? White Day? Or it’s the month of Earth Hour? Earth Hour is usually held during the last Saturday of March. I believe everyone should have heard of it before,  but does everyone really understand what it is?

Earth Hour is a worldwide environmental movement organized by the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) to turn non-essential lights off for one hour every year. It’s believed that if everyone takes small actions into making our planet better, big changes can be accomplished. According to WWF,  Earth Hour it’s a symbolic action aimed at raising people’s awareness on climate change and saving energy in the long term. The theme for this year is “Let Nature Shine”. Through adopting a sustainable living style and encouraging the use of solar power, biodiversity across the planet can be protected, achieving ‘let nature shine’. It was first started in Sydney in 2007. This will be the tenth Earth Hour in Hong Kong this year.

In 2017, during  Hong Kong’s Earth Hour, over 5,600 companies, organizations, and buildings took part. Regal Hotel and Shun Tak Holdings announced that they will be continuing to pledge the commitment. “The Symphony of Lights ” in Victoria Harbor was suspended. And in other parts of Hong Kong, the Tsing Ma Bridge, and the Hong Kong Cultural Centre also turned its lights off.

(Hong Kong Island side of Victoria Harbor with lights on and off, taken in 2017 Earth Hour. Photography: Christy Yu)


The event looks successful, but does it really make a change? The effectiveness of the event depends on whether people are willing to make changes in our behaviors. It’s also hard for people to realize that they are part of a bigger problem.  It is also hard to tell whether the impact is significant or not, as it takes time to show if something made an impact and it’s difficult to also measure the differences.

Christelle A Not, an environmentalist who is interested in climate change agreed, she said that Earth Hour is a very long-term strategy that wants to increase awareness rather than to directly reduce energy consumption. “It can help with the syndrome that I alone will not change the world,” said Not.

It is cliché to say education is the key to making a change, but there’s no other better choice. Only by embedding the concept in the children’s minds and make it be their ‘preconception’ when they grow up can change the current situation. Let’s try to live a sustainable life starting from today and contribute as much as possible in conserving the species and protecting the environment and make Earth, our home, a better place to live in.

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