How can we help Hong Kong’s environment?

The health of mother earth is an increasingly important topic these days. How do we save the environment? This has been the guiding question for  most famous topics of world leaders and organisations for the past few years, not because it’s trendy, but because of the urgency. So, what are some things that you do to help from Hong Kong?

Food saviour 

Image taken from Food Saviour’s official FB

Do you ever wonder what happens to the food that is left untouched in restaurants and food chains? Well, it probably gets thrown away. According to the Environmental Protection Department in Hong Kong, In 2012, there were some 9,278 tonnes of municipal solid waste (MSW) disposed of at landfills each day. Of these, about 3,337 tonnes (36%) were food waste. Among the food waste disposed of daily, about 809 tonnes were generated from commercial and industrial sources such as restaurants, hotels, wet markets, food production and processing industries.

If you want to help reduce food waste and perhaps get quality food for half the price, you might want to check out Food Saviour. This is an online platform (they are currently working on an app that will be launched next month) where you can find a list of dishes offered by restaurants that work with Food Savior. After browsing the on the platform, simply pay for it then head to the restaurant to pick it up. The dishes are “leftovers”, but that does not mean that the food is bad. Rather, it means you can buy it for an excellent price and save something that was going to be thrown away.

Zero Waste Stores

Image taken from Live Zero’s official FB

Live Zero

The store opened this February and it is a game changer for responsible and eco friendly grocery shopping. This is a packaging-free grocery heaven where everything is organic. You will not only find food, but also personal care goods like soap, shampoo, booth brushes, etc. The coolest item they stock, according to me, is the stainless straw. Since it takes about 200 years for a plastic straw to decompose, it might me a good idea to get a stainless one.

24 High Street (3.68 km)

Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

NO!W No Waste

This online store is all about a zero waste lifestyle. As written on their official website, inside “you will find the essentials to accompany you along your Zero Waste progression as well as tips to help you in this new challenge.” What can you find in their store? There are many things, but their most famous products are the solid shampoos and deodorants. They have reusable menstrual cups, amazing for the environment because it reduces  year’s worth of plastic waste.

Waste less App

The Hong Kong Government has also seen the importance of preserving the environment, that is why they created the Waste Less app. Developed by the Environmental Protection Department, the app’s purpose is to show its users nearby recyclable collection points with information like address, opening hours and pictures of the place.

You can download here:

Android Version

iOS version

Windows version

Hong Kong CleanUp

Hong Kong CleanUp campaign Picture taken from their official web site

This is a fun way to help the environment. Hong Kong CleanUp is the largest environmental community event in Hong Kong. When does it start? It happens all year long.

There are fun ways in which you can contribute to the event. The first one is by signing up a team for the Hong Kong Cleanup Challenge in their official website. You get to choose the date and location. People will usually choose a beach or trail to clean. After you are done, you must also submit your cleanup data to win the challenge. If you are not that into outdoors activities, you can also make a donation.

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