Temple Street Night Market

One of the places that you should not miss during your visit to Hong Kong is Temple Street night market. Temple Street Night Market is the best place for you to buy souvenirs for your friends and family back at home. There are many street food restaurants and food stalls serving at reasonable prices so you can do shopping and get delicious food at the same time.

Chinese paintings are also one of the best souvenirs for the visitors to bring back for the decoration in the room or as a gift.


Shopkeeper preparing to open his shop and arranging the beads.

The market is located a few blocks away from the Jordan MTR Station exit A. It is easy to get there without worrying about traffic. The market opens from 2:00 PM till midnight, but the shops’ business hours actually depend on the weather and the number of customers. The market is lively only after 6:00 PM so it is the best time for you to visit around that time.

Temple Street Night Market is starting to open and people are already there looking forward to purchasing.


Chinese traditional clothes for kids.

The market is usually crowded during the weekend and the price of products change according to crowdedness of the market. The prices are usually lower during weekdays since there are not many visitors. You need to bargain the price when you buy in Temple Street Night Market in order to get the best price. Same of the shops sell the same products at different prices so you need to visit several shops if you want to get at the most reasonable price.

Magnets with the picture of Hong Kong’s famous places and those are the most popular products among tourist for souvenirs.


Abundant collection of Chinese souvenirs.

The smell of food from the restaurants will make you feel hungry and the attractive food from the food stalls will make your mouth water. If you are looking forward to trying Hong Kong food, this is the best place for you to enjoy the unique dishes and snacks of Hong Kong.

Cartoon Magnets with Chinese Costumes are very attractive to tourist and cheap.

Therefore, you should include Temple Street Night Market in your trip when you plan your visit to Hong Kong. Please enjoy!


Writer & Photographer: Pan Pwint

Editor: Zoe Law

Copy Editor: Sara Furxhi

Online Team: Yoan Jin Soul Lee

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