What you can do in the upcoming Easter Holiday

Hong Kong has always been known as one of the countries with the most Public Holidays. We have got the national holidays like National Day and HKSAR Establishment Day, and Chinese holidays like Chinese New Years, The Birthday of the Buddha, Tuen Ng Festival and Chung Yeung Festival. We also got the Western Holidays like Christmas and Easter Holidays.

Easter is coming up in less than 2 weeks. Here’s some ideas for you to spend the Easter holiday.

1.Short getaway trip

There are Good Friday on March 30 and Easter Monday on April 2, which creates a 4-day holiday just good enough for a short getaway trip. You may consider going to Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore or Thailand. These places are all within 5 hours flight from Hong Kong.

2. Take a few days off and go on longer vacation

It is also possible to go on a longer vacation for those of you who wish to go farther. It is quite a common practice for Hong Kongers to take a few days off when a couple of Public Holidays are close to each other. Easter Monday is followed by Ching Ming Festival on April 5. So what people would do is that they would take day offs on April 3rd , 4th and 6th so they can get a 10-days holiday and go to places like Australia and New Zealand.

3. Go Hiking

If you did not plan to go anywhere, hiking is another option you should consider. Spring and Autumn are the best time of the year in Hong Kong in terms of its weather. Hong Kong’s winter is unfairly cold due to the fact that it is a coastal city with a big bunch of mainland behind it, the cold northeast monsoon winds could just easily blown down to us from the north. However, due to high humidity, Hong Kong’s summer is hot and sticky. So if you haven’t got any plans yet, why not go outdoor in this pleasant weather!

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